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 Besides applications shiny chrome, which won favor with a high gloss, has recently appeared increasingly demand matt chrome. Chromepower company is fully aware that he and součastnými keep pace with trends. For galvanized products, inter alia, to achieve a matt chrome with optical polished stainless steel skin and other matte metal surfaces. Chromepower company, is today one of the many of the few selected specialists in glossy and matte surfaces on plastics, or sanitary engineering. In a flurry of offers on the Internet, Our company are truly functional plating plastics, which can reach and increased oděruschopnost. Competition offers only náhražkun in the form of vacuum naprašovaného aluminum bare hands to wipe off. Chromepower company realizes that the demands of today's clients, this method is undesirable.
Chrome shiny and matt surfaces in design

  • 3Q7 (Audi)
  • Pearly luster (BMW)
  • Silvershadow (Mercedes)
  • Galvanosilber 09 (Porsche)
  • various sanitary and matt surfaces
  • is now in the production program of the company Chromepower