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 Chromepower company, delivers applications and glossy matt chrome. Furthermore, other cast down in shades of gold, shiny and matte. Our plastic plating over the competition is really working. We do not substitute or decorations. Our applications use car companies, manufacturers of furniture accessories and other manufacturers. Coating plastic ABS and ABS / PC with a 45% share of PC. Application of glossy and matt chrome is performed on parts from a few millimeters to one meter. Production program includes a galvanizing Chromepower shaped plastic parts (ABS and ABS / PC) in copper, nickel, chromium and gold: the matte and glossy versions or as a special anti-corrosion layer, for example with multiple layers of nickel, as required by the automotive industry. In addition to the decorative character to the layers and functional properties (eg, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.). Thanks to deploy the latest technology and galvanizing several years of experience guarantees an optimal processing company Chromepower surface

Galvanické chromování plastů