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 Company Chromepower is the only exclusive supplier of the original revolutionary technology plating coating. More is at our companies are trying lecos copy, but unfortunately without success, because their customers are turning to us then, with a number of issues that we deal with the gun dealer, and poor equipment. So please carefully who entrust confidence in the purchase of equipment, whether you like inexplicable plot, or purchase equipment for earnings and successful operation. The same applies to materials that replicate without success and issued her own. If sb bump fraudulent practices, consider the purchase of original equipment and guns. No gun for a few crowns and suited to the knee in the workshop and published a professional. Because only using you find that it is not a professional gun but a substitute that zkoroduje when using chemicals. Of course, znehodnotíte and material for several thousand.
 Several compelling reasons to buy from us

  • Ahead of their competition
  • Full technical support
  • You get the original parts and not counterfeit, that rusty.
  • You will not have problems with the authorities.
  • Our facility is approved by strict EU standards, compared with competitors.
  • The only ones we will deliver you with the equipment and technical data sheets and certificates. I can conceal their goods.
  • We'll let you all the secrets of the competition which has no idea. Maybe that paint nežloutl. Competition this problem are still fighting.
  • You will have an enormous advantage over competitors.
  • We will include you among our affiliates.
  • We will refer to your contract. 

 In short the plating coating technology:
It is a unique technology, which achieve perfect mirror chrome effect, which can be dyed to herein as colors such as gold, bronze, copper, chrome, green, blue and lots of other shades. Chrome can literally everything but the rubber compounds. Chromate can be plastic, glass, aluminum and other metal alloys, wood, laminate, porcelain, ceramics, concrete, stone and many other surfaces. We deliver a plating equipment, consumables, and any optional accessories. Very green technology, clean environment, because all concentrates are diluted in water, where after mixing accounts for 95% voda.K simple operation you just special equipment to spray plating, which can be purchased at our e-shop and the possibility of using kompresor.Veliká in auto-moto industry, furniture industry, restoration of vintage cars, conservationists, glass industry, paint and many other industries that would not enter the website A4.Tato technology is patented by the U.S. and the EU. Won even safety certificate, which can be used to hračky.Ve short this is a very simple technique that can handle really everybody. Now you can compete big galvanovnám, which most traffic is declining, and costly as it and all work carried out on the chrome parts. With this technique you can create the price up to 1 / 3 lower. Small costs, but earnings are guaranteed. Take advantage of our menu at left. Offer is limited